It always feels necessary to know the reason why behind things. Otherwise, they don’t quite make sense, or at least aren’t justified in your head. Admissions officers will never tell you why you received PaCE. However, there are some trends that I’ve seen that could explain why you were chosen as a PaCE student that may help give you some peace of mind.

Your major

We all know there are certain majors in PaCE. But seriously, if you seem like a good candidate for the program and have a major that aligns with it, why wouldn’t they put you in it? The university has an incredible amount of applications these days, and your specific college may be pretty full. Not only that, but they may not be able to provide everyone with adequate housing either.

Your home life

I outlined in my personal essay how I took care of my little brother a lot, made him dinners, etc. Perhaps they thought that the program would be well-suited for my personal situation. That I could obtain higher education from a prestigious university all while tending to duties at home.

Dual enrollment

I noticed a lot of people who are in PaCE have also done dual enrollment. Since you’re used to having a flexible schedule, you may seem more adapt for the program. Also, coming in with so many credits means you’re transitioning soon anyways.

Siblings at UF

Surprisingly, I find that many PaCE students have siblings already at the university. You would think that it would be an advantage for traditional admittance? I think perhaps they feel you’re more passionate about the university, and therefore are willing to come no matter the admission style.

Some things are out of your control. Don’t beat yourself up thinking about what you could’ve done, instead understand that they thought you were a good candidate for PaCE for a reason. To reiterate, these aren’t backed by the university. Rather, they are some trends I found personally among the admittance of PaCE students. Some, more prevalent than others, but prevalent nonetheless.