When doing anything, often it’s helpful to look at the pros and the cons of things. After spending a year in the PaCE program, I’ve gotten a pretty good idea of what these things might be. So, what do you want? The good news or bad news first?


Flexible schedule

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, but I’m going to say it again one more time for the people in the back. YOU CAN SLEEP IN. No 9 a.m. classes. You can do all your work at the beginning of the week, or spread it out. You can take day trips at your own leisure. Or maybe, get a suntan. Whatever your heart desires really. Joining organizations and applying for things becomes incredibly easy — when they see your free schedule, you automatically have an advantage over other candidates.

Easy classes

Online isn’t as hard as it’s made out to be. Enough said.

You can pause your lectures

Have you ever been vigorously taking notes, trying to keep up, only to eventually give up? Worry no longer! With PaCE you can not only pause your professors, but also speed them up or slow them down. I never listen to a lecture at normal speed.

A new community

Whenever you meet anyone else who’s PaCE it’s almost like a connection. You understand things that other people don’t. I personally get together with people from my online classes often. We make group chats off of the Facebook class pages, and it’s almost like a small community. There’s also PaCE meetings on campus, if you want to join the official club.

Apartment life

Always and forever better than a dorm. PaCE forces you to live in one because you can’t live on campus, and you’ll end up thanking the admissions office later.


There’s still kinks

It’s a relatively new program so sometimes there are issues that arise. The staff (primarily online directors) are pretty responsive with it though. For example, work for online classes was assigned on breaks and holidays when it shouldn’t have been. Also, when registering for classes for next semester, I ran into some issues because there’s classes that I need to take that aren’t offered online. This leads me into my next point.

Some classes offered aren’t online yet

PaCE as well as UF online as a whole is new, as previously mentioned, so some classes haven’t yet been adapted to online versions. It can get pretty frustrating when registering for courses.

Can’t apply for honors

I kind of understand this one, but at the same time it is rather unfortunate. Especially because many scholarships are offered through the honors program that PaCE students might have wanted to apply for.

The difficulty of choosing PaCE

I know it’s hard to give up certain values, and feel like maybe you won’t get the college experience. However, the hardest part of PaCE, is choosing to do it. Don’t be afraid to go against everyone’s judgments, and do what is right for you. Everything from there is smooth sailing.