Before coming into PaCE, I had no idea what the classes or the system looked like. As a result, I’m going to be the person to show you.

UF uses Canvas to organize in-person classes as well as online ones. When you log in, your screen looks like this:


As you may see, your main courses are displayed on the front page. The inbox feature on the left is useful for messaging your professor or peers. On the right side bar, upcoming assignment due dates are listed in chronological order. The calendar goes farther in-depth into this organization. You can find the calendar button on the left blue bar.


It’s almost like a planner that is organized for you. You can even choose what color you want each course to be. Unlike FLVS, you aren’t just given modules to complete at your own pace. You have constant deadlines for assignments, making it hard to fall behind.

As for the difficulty of the courses? Well, it depends on what you’re taking, but I tend to find them easy as long as I don’t try to do them the day they’re due. Don’t procrastinate guys, seriously.

For an average online class at UF, they usually provide readings. This could include links to YouTube videos, articles, etc., related to your module’s topic.


They also typically have a lecture. The style of the lecture can vary. It can be a video of an actual lecture hall at UF, or just a professor speaking to you through a video. Here are examples of both I pulled from my own personal courses:



They clearly differ in style but ultimately are both effective.

Following a module is usually a quiz, or a discussion post. Quizzes can be timed (but sometimes aren’t) and often include 5 to 10 questions. A discussion post usually asks for a paragraph or two of content related to the module’s topic, and asks that you respond to your peers’ posts as well.

Typically, there is also midterms and final exams, an integral and dreadful part of college, along with projects and group work. Man, don’t get me started on group work.

Regardless, I hope this was somewhat helpful in giving you an idea of what your course will look like through UF Online. Best of luck!